What is VODAKOM?

Vodakom is a company that produces plumbing stuff and rubber products.

It was founded in nineties in Ruma. Basic range of our production program consists of:

• Reparation – clutch shaft couplins (express shaft couplins)
• Built-in garnitures – home port
• Rubber seal for flange connection
• Shelving seal
• Clamps for molten drains assembly without
• On demand we produce various shaft couplins, clamps and rubber products

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our customers and partners the best solutions through a strong business strategy, through a range of products and services, as well as adapting to individual requirements and consulting.

Our vision

We try to keep the epitome of a modern, innovative and efficient company, which offers products of the highest quality in the field of operation, at the time of intensive changes.

Quality and standards

We create an image of a modern, responsible and well-organized company, which is confirmed by our certificates that guarantee the quality of products and services.


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