It is intended for quick repair of metal gravity tubes in the mill and silos industry

Since in the process of transporting through the metal gravitational pipes, the holes that emerged from the so-called. sandblasting in the inner part of the pipe, a comprehensive reparative needle is an ideal product for quick repair and leak prevention.

Shell is coated on the inside with a rubber that prevents direct contact of the grain and sheet metal, thus providing a longer-lasting solution to the problem of leakage from the pipe system. After complete replacement of the gravity piping, the shell is undamaged and allows for reuse. It can also be used as a classic front for pipe fitting.

Get rid of patchwork and use our GREENHOUSE-REPAIR REACTIVE HERBS, which in practice proved to be very practical for remediation of all leaks.

Shelf is produced in all standard diameters, and other non-standard diameters and different lengths may be required.


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